I've currently got to the point that I can't afford to keep changing 9 volts. It was alright when I was running two pedals, but now that I'm running five, I just can't afford it. So I've been looking at this as a possible solution.


My question is how exactly does this work? I'm looking at that five end adapter and I see that small little jack. is that plugging into the power supply?
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ok so you know the jack/adapter plug thing somewhere on your pedal? chances are somewhere on your pedal there is a hole for a power supply.

you need you plug the large wall unit into an outlet (the biggest thing in the pic). then, you connect the daisy chain to the end of that. THEN, you take all the daisy chain ends and plug them into your pedal jacks.

they generally give you other adapters because some pedals require different size adapters or a 9 volt adapter for really old pedals.


this does the same thing. only difference is i think it offers slightly more pedals, slightly less power (300 milliamps....but chances are your never going to max that out anyways without huge multi effects), BUT its wall outlet only takes up 1 space on the wall or power strip. if your whole band needs to plug into the wall and your amp and pedals are taking up 4 outlets (cause they are huge and cover 2) its not cool. its so nice to have space available when you need it.
Cool. Thank you for the help. Much appreciated.
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I saw Pantera live once, Dime changed into a body bag right there on stage.

This same power supply is marketed under a few different brand names. I use a few of them and they work great. Keep in mind the polarity of your pedals though... you can't use it with old things that have positive ground (PNP fuzz pedals, etc) when you have it connected to negative ground (most common) pedals. They come with a little adapter but it didn't work for me and a Tonebender MkII I have.