I need a humbucker equipped guitar for my cover band gig, but I am super cheap.

I found a Saga LP body and neck on Craiglist that needs refinishing and all hardware. I offered the guy $50...(knowing that with GFS stuff I'm looking at another $100 at least to get it playable.)

Is this resonable?

Partscaster/Tele into a bunch of pedals, a Maz 18 head, and a Z Best cab.
$50 seems reasonable. cant hurt to make an offer.

if you want a cheap guitar, look into rondomusic.com he has a bunch of guitars that are all better in quality than the Sagas and will come to about the same price, fully ready to play, as it would to build one from the parts you need to aquire

Here are some examples
The SXs are the lowest quality (think Squier). you will probably want to upgrade the tuners, electronics, and pickups later on with this one

The Douglas are middle of the road (Think MIM Fender). Still might want to upgrade the pickups at some point

Agiles are Top knotch. I would put them almost on par with a Gibson Studio. Flame-shields activate! No real need to upgrade anything unless of course you are a tone *****, like I know we all are

Of course Rondo also has a ton of other stuff that might catch your eye. I think you should cruise on over there in your free time and take a look
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