hello, I am pretty new to writing songs and my theory has some holes in it haha. so basically i came up with a pretty simple song. A--D--Fm, so i'm in the key of A as i understand, using a I, IV, VI, pattern. anyways, it sounds pretty good if i do say so myself, but i am unsure about the chorus, i looked at the circle of 5ths and from what I understand i should be using Fm, so it would be Fm- Bbm- Db. but this sounds complete "off" compared to the main part? what mistake am i making here.

also for the intro/outro solo would i be mainly using an A major scale?

thank you! as you can tell i'm a total noob
I wouldn't get too crazy with theory when writing a song at first. For a chorus, just try some other chords that sound good with those ones, like E, Dbm, Bm - and don't be afraid of using the same chords in your verse in the chorus.
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Welll, I don't know, I'm ASSUMING you're skilled in the music department...

Find chords that have:
in them.
sorry if it's obvious info.../:
Are you going to the relative minor? If so, it's F# minor, not F minor.
Quote by odin333
from what I understand i should be using Fm

You should be using anything that sounds good
when you take the circle of fifths, you can stay in the same key, go to the relative minor key (F#m in this case), go one step back or forward (Dmajor or E major) or go to the relative minor of Dmajor or E major.
Those are the options when you really want to stick to the theory.
I suggest you just listen to what sounds best though
if it sounds shit, it is shit, no matter how theoretically correct it is
if it sounds good, it is good
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