Returning the crit.

Okay so some hot spots for me are
:25 "take the long way home" style cadence which I enjoy
1:06 Like the feeling/change kept me interested
1:20 sing it with me... why cant we be friends why cant we be friends (cool little influence)

I like the verse vocals you stay on key and interesting with melody/cadence changes, I would have worked on the cadence and phrasing of words a bit but every one has a different style.

The chorus vocals are cool I would have had alot more top end on them because I personally like really bright sounding harmony. You could for personal experiment try murdering them with EQ in different ways to figure out a thicker sound if thats what you are going for.

Just some notes of mine hope you can hear all of it and listen to none of it! haha
Hey man great track. The singing was great. The only part I didn't really like was at 42 with the high voices it sounded a tiny tiny tiny bit off and I just wasn't a fan. Although I will say the second time it came around it was much better. So times the voice seems a little to low in the mix the drums sound fantastic. Great track man!

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great track! The mix sounds great,
and im no expert, but i'de add a bit treble to the guitar and volume up a bit.
when its distorted, just volume up a bit.
The singing is awesome, sounds very pro!
the song is well written, it isnt getting boring, and it keeps changes, and still sounds like a one piece.
this whole thing sounds pretty professional, well done!

c4c? http://www.reverbnation.com/play_now/song_7856137