I want to start doing covers and help videos on youtube, and for friends but im curious of what kind of video recording device would be best to do with a reasonable budget i dont want to spend a bunch but what would be good sound and video quality for not to much.
flip videos are pretty cheap and have pretty good quality.
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I'm more of a photographer than a musician. You don't need an expensive video rig, just read alot of reviews and especially pay attention to the sound quality. The gear you really need are lights. Good lighting can make a crappy camera look good. And best of all you don't need to spend alot of money. Just go to your local construction market and pick up some work lights. I would suggest at least 100W lights that are daylight colored (yes different lights have different colors and if you can't adjust your white balance on a cheap camera florecent light will make everything look blue, as an example). There are good videos and websites to learn lighting technics. Also pay attention to your backround. Hang a sheet up or something. A cluttered backround looks like ass.