Never seen anything like it,not to bring the guy in discredit or something but if you aren't sure look for something that will give about the same results from large dealers.

For shining up your frets use some steelwool 000,as fine as you can get.
Tape off the fretboard with (for example) the white tape (called painter tape,or something in english),easy to peel off without leaving stains

Blow off the small iron parts that were left behind by the steelwool.
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for steel wool use #0000 not #000. what this guy is selling looks an awful lot like micromesh that you can find cheaper elsewhere, and it does work good for polishing frets. to mask the fretboard i dont use regular painters tape. i prefer scotch brand delicate surfaces tape. its not as tacky as regular painters tape so it doesnt leave a residue on the fretboard.
oh yeah forgot to mention, cover your pickups so the magnets dont collect the metal fragments from the steel wool.