About a year ago the idea came up to buy a new guitar. Just because I had some money and hey, why not? I already had two, a Squier Affinity Strat and a (lovely) Ibanez Artist AM-205.
As I was a total guitar noob (I got my Squier when I was about 11 and my mother got the Ibanez for free a few years later, so I had no experience with buying), so I went to some husband of my mother's colleague (sic?). I talked to him and basically he said that when you buy a guitar it should be at least 800-1000 euros - way to much for me, I was thinking of a budget of about 400 max.
The goal of this guy was to explain to me what kind of guitars I could choose, but the effect was different: I got totally discouraged to buy a guitar. 1000 euros was/is way to much for a guitar, not worth that amount of money with how much I make as a 16-year old.

A year later, I decided not to buy a guitar but go for an amp. I now have my Vox AC15C1 for two weeks and love it. Much better than my first amp.
I also came to appreciate my two guitars a lot more, and now I love my Ibanez and I'm not thinking of buying another main guitar. However, like we all have I think, sometimes I stumble on guitars which I very much would like to have. But then I remember what that guy said and I'm like: 'is it worth it?' (an example: http://www.thomann.de/nl/danelectro_56_pro_black.htm).

So yeah, I don't want to buy a new main guitar but would it be worth it to buy that Danelectro for example? The idea of having multiple guitars just appeals to me, and I don't want to spend alot.

TL;DR: guy wonders if buying a 300 euro guitar is worth it when he has a better one. Also is the Danelectro 56 Pro pretty good?
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Well like most people will tell you, it's personal preference, but I highly recommend checking out low end guitars before try out higher end ones. My dad's friend who plays bass who wanted to start playing guitar got a cheap no name brand guitar for a penny off £30 (I know this isn't your currency but bare with me) and it sounded and felt great. One thing is I feel though that if you've got the basics down i.e good feel for your hands and it's not made of realy shoddy wood/electronics, you can mod it and make it more personal.

So yeah, there's nothing wrong with buying a cheap guitars as a lot of the time you are paying for a name with more expensive guitars. However to your second question I cannot give any info on that guitar you mentioned as I am not familiar with them.

I'm in the market for some kind of classic vibes squier, they're supposed to be as good as MIM fenders and they're much cheaper. (Paying for a name)
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it's really up to you. If you have a badass guitar which is high quality, then yeah, sometimes the cheaper ones can get shown up. But then sometimes they don't, it's very much personal preference as to when something is "good enough".

I haven't tried the dano, so I can't help you there

I vehemently disagree with what your mum's colleague's husband is saying, though- there are plenty of very mediocre 800-1000 euro guitars, and plenty of really very nice guitars for less (especially if you're willing to hold out for a good deal- you can often get a 1000 euro for 500 euro if a shop is just having a sale, for example).

I don't disagree that more expensive guitars generally are better, but he's taking a way too black-and-white approach to it.

I mean a 3000 euro tyler or huber is going to be a badass guitar. But that doesn't mean every 3000 euro guitar will be, and just because one 500 euro guitar you try is rubbish doesn't mean they all are. Price is certainly based, in part, on quality, cost of materials etc., but it's also based on cost of labour, and also on supply and demand.

I know here in the UK you can get e.g. a tokai GS100 for about £350 (about 400 euro). That's made in Japan, has gotoh tuners, a gotoh-made wilkinson trem, 3-piece alder body and all-round Japanese workmanship, tolerances and attention to detail. Is that a bad guitar?

Is a £700 (about 800 euro, so just getting into your adviser's fabled "good guitar" price bracket) MIM Fender 72 Tele custom a better guitar? I doubt it. I would prefer the Tokai. Not because it's cheaper (though obviously that doesn't hurt), but because I think it's a better guitar.

EDIT: I guess what I'm just saying is, be careful. Not all guitars at the same price are equal. There are plenty of companies who have no compunction about selling you an intermediate-quality guitar at 800-1000 euro (heck, if you count signature models I would even put some beginner quality ones in there, where they're only superficially like the model the artist uses, if he/she even uses that model at all). Likewise there are plenty of smaller, or lesser-known, companies who don't have the big name and marketing department, and have to survive by making better guitars for less money, where often you can get a great deal more for your money.
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There's no rule that states how much a guitar should cost in the least to be any good. Many of the very cheap guitars I've come across have absolutely kicked ass! My brother has a Squier '51, and man is that thing bad-ass. It's got tons of character, it feels really nice to play and the neck is really nice.

Sure, cheap guitars tend to have their own typical problems - bad hardware, cheap nut, crappy pickups, etc, etc... but they are often easily fixed. The '51 cost 150€ new. Last christmas I bought new tuners to it, and took it to a luthier for a new bone nut and a basic care / setup. In total the cost was 120€, and the guitar is pretty darn good now.

Then again, cheap guitars rarely can compete against the refined feel and characteristic of a more expensive guitar. I've got an Ibanez Sv5470F Presitge, which has a street price of ~1400€ here in Finland. It truly feels flawless, as every little detail seems to be perfect (well, considering the fact that it wasn't 100% handbuilt by some grand master luthier) - a guitar that feels godlike to me. To me it was worth the price, but then again, I've got quite enough of cheap and midpriced guitars in addition, so I was specifically looking for a serious, flawless guitar, or at least as close to one I could find for under 2000€.

Either way, my point is, cheap guitars are quite adequate unless you feel the need to get a fancy, expensive one, for whatever reason it might be. Simple as that.

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