I have a 1997 Classic.
60's neck
Burl maple top
Upgraded CTS pots (installed at Cosmo Music)
Wolfetone Marshallhead Pickups (some of the highest end boutique pickups, rides the line of vintage and modern) With aged nickel covers.
Comes with original case.

This one definitely has some wear on it, but the tech at Cosmo said the neck is perfect. I guarantee you've never seen a top like this one. Most of the wear is on the binding from previous owner .

Hi Res Pics Here: Classic « The Landscape And The Metropolis

No trades.

$1650 + shipping.

Not in the near future bro. If you're seriously intersted we could try to work on something for shipping. PM me your address and we can see.
Sorry, I have no want to deal with the f****** in customs over here! If you fail to sell though and come over for a holiday then give me a PM

I am sre someone will buy that sexy guitar though!

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