So, I'm looking for a company that either will do custom orders on hand-wiring pickguards, or somewhere that already has this pickguard pre-wired.

I'm looking for a Stratocaster pickguard that has either 3 Jazzmaster pickups or 3 P-90's. I'd prefer the Jmasters, but the 90's will be just fine. I'm having an incredible amount of trouble finding these online.

Alternatively, does anyone know anyone who does custom work in whom I can have them get the parts and pay them the parts + labor or just have the parts shipped to them, they ship to me, and then I pay labor and shipping?

Thanks much.
You can do that on Warmoth. They'll cut the pickguard for what you want, at least.

Besides that, your local luthier should be able to do that it for you. The hardest part would be just cutting the pickguard.
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Wow, you're witty and funny. And you didn't think I'd have done a search before I came to a forum and ask?

Also, I'm familiar with warmoth. There aren't a lot of lutheirs in madison, however. Do you know any online custom services in that regard?