Currently my main guitar is strat (1995, MIA) and I want to save up for a new electric that I can do crazy steve vai and frank zappa stuff on. I play through a 1982 JCM 800 2204 (NAD coming soon!) with currently a 1x2 Avatar contemporary cabinet with hellatone 60's, soon to be a 4x12 version of this.

- Budget: $1500.00 USD
- Must be Left Handed
- Must Be Floyd Rose Equipped (some Edge/Ibanez tremolo variations are Okay)
- Preferrably maple neck, but not really a must.
- I do not wish to go to used
- Style? Everything from rock to funk to zappa. This guitar will be used mainly for shredding and learning Zappa and Vai covers.

So far the best I have found on my own is this RG: http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Ibanez-RG1550M-LeftHanded-Electric-Guitar?sku=501361

Thanks for all the help.
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An Agile?

Schecter C-1...
Gibson Les Paul of some sort...

All I can think of for now...
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Almost any of the Carvin neck-thrus, like the DC400 or the DC127, meet your criteria. There's also the bolt-neck Contour 66, and the Bolt Plus.
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