one of my teachers saw this dude a few years ago and recently got me hip to him. he told me he fully expects that one day his name will be mentioned along with charlie parker's or coltrane's in terms of playing and composition. basically, the great sax player of our time which up until now had been more or less branford. and branford signed this dude out of nowhere awhile back and said "in a few years everyone will be talking about this guy."
Branford's a great player, but I wouldn't call him anywhere near the great sax player of our time (I'd probably save that title for Michael Brecker or George Garzone). That song is really cool, and zenon seems like a great player, but I definatly wouldn't put him up with the likes of Charlie Parker or Coltrane (though its entirely possible in the future he'll do some groundbreaking stuff)---but to me it doesn't sound like hes really doing anything that hasn't been done. still some cool stuff though.
all the best.
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