Right, I'm a student with a budget, looking to invest in a phaser pedal. I play mainly Muse, Radiohead etc, and dabble in some Smashing Pumpkins. I like the whole experimental side of things, so a phaser is the next thing i need to push my sound a bit more.
Looked at the MXR Phase 90, but it does seem very pricey for what it is - my limit is around £70, or $115 USD.
The best i've heard of so far is the EHX small stone, would anyone have any other suggestions?
Thanks a lot
look at the DeltaLab phase shifter. i just bought one over the ones that have been mentioned. while the MXR pedals do sound good they don't offer much control over the sound, the deltalab one does. it takes a bit of knob twiddling to find the MXR style sound but it is there as well as many others.
I bought a MXR phase 90 on sale for 79 from GC. not sure if they are more expensive in the UK but still for that price you should be able to get a phase 90 no prob.
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Ah man maybe you should go multi-effects. I know it's not "analog" "vintage" or cool, and it's a Behringer, but something like this is $35 shipped. Hey, you're a student on a budget! You're not friggin' Johnny Greenwood so who cares!?


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The MXR Phase 100 is a great sounding and versatile Phaser, more-so than the 90.

i'd take this over the phase 90 myself. i had a script face one for many years but ended up trading it in because it was worth a fair amount as a "vintage" pedal. still found the deltalab to be a better deal for the money.
If I remember correctly, Jonny Greenwood uses a Small Stone. Regardless, it's a fantastic phaser.
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I have a phase 100 script faced 70s model and a phase 90, I prefer the 100 but the 90 is good too. I bought mine almost 30 years ago for $60, still working great.
If you get a MXR Phaser you might want to stay away from the Script logo ones, based on the original circuit, because of the volume drop. It's not massive, but it's there. The Block logo ones don't have that problem.
Thanks a lot guys, if i can find a phase 90 for a good price, i'll go for that, if not, the small stone - my experience with ehx has always been top-notch so i hopefully wont be dissapointed either way
Also looked at the deltalab - looks great, but tricky to get over in the UK without shipping overseas, which im not too keen to do. Anyway, thanks again!
I just bought an MXR Phase 90 and it sounds so utterley crap. I get this instance volume spike (when used with distortion) and this god awful inconsistant volume (and not just tone) swell that is very hissy at the top of the sweep. Sounds ok with a clean tone but awful with distortion. Regretted purchase.
i love my phase 90, and personally i just leave the knob all the way down cuz i love that slo sweep. do the r28"mod" and it gets rid of some annoying gain that comes with it, anyway im not a huge phaser guy but i played with this and keep it on the slowest settings and it makes me very happy!
i also hear a volume drop with most other phasers, including the ehx

try them out if you can tho! there are so many out there
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Id go for the mxr phase 90 there a reason why line 6 has moddeled it
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