I want a Jackson neck with a reverse headstock and a maple fretboard with shark tooth inlays for my DKMG
Does anyone know where i can find an online shop or something with a stock of various kinds of jackson necks?
eBay or craigslist would be your best bet. or maybe warmoth with no logo.
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well ived searched ebay and couldnt find anything, and warmoth doesnt have any reverse headstocks.

thats why i was asking if there were online shops
Get Warmoth to make you one.
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yeah, i guess a warmoth is kind of out of reach for me right now. guess ill save up if i end up wanting it that bad

wish i could find a neck like this for maybe double the price at most, but im just dreaming
I actually bought a JS series guitar as they come with shark fin inlays now. I paid 180 for DNK style JS.

I was too lazy to finish the 2 necks I had laying around in my closet.

Check craigslist as well. I found one for 40 bucks last time that was missing 3 frets.
bakersfield craigslist is like..... i dont even know how to explain it. theres 1-2 guitars at most on there every 3-5 days. it sucks... its like no one here has a guitarfetish