Just purchased a 2001 Ibanez JS100 (translucent red) that has upgraded pups in it (PAF Pro & Mo Joe). Whoever did the installation of the new pups may have not known what they were doing or possibly missed something (or it may even just be a poor solder joint). I figured before taking it in to have it fixed and paying for a full pickup (or pickups) install because I've had more than one shop respond with "it would just be easier and faster to completely uninstall and re-install the pups than to try and diagnose and fix" so I'd like to give it a go myself.

The way it is currently setup... the bridge (Mo Joe) seems to sound and work perfectly with the coil tap engaged (tone knob pulled) or it disengaged (tone knob pushed). However the neck (PAF Pro) only seems to sound right when the coil tap is engaged (tone knob pulled). If the 3-way connector switch is set to the neck pickup and the tone knob is pushed in the sound is very muffled, static-ish and muted... and seems to cut out after each note is struck almost as if a heavy compressor is applied (this is pushing through a clean channel on an amp with no effects what-so-ever).

After looking at the wiring diagrams HERE for the 2001 JS100 & JS1000... the way mine is currently wired is quite different.

According to the JS100 diagram... the Dimarzio's red should go to the 3-way selector switch, the black and white should be soldered together to the tone pot and the green & ground should be soldered together to the volume pot.

However whoever wired this one has the red to the 3-way selector (like it should), the black & white soldered together to a tab on the tone selector (like I think it should) but the green & ground are soldered together on the bottom of the tone pot instead of on the tab on the volume pot. However this seems to work fine for the Mo Joe which appears to be wired the same way.

Any ideas based on the description or looking at the wiring pics that bring to mind what could be causing the issue (PAF weak, muddled & staticy when tone knob pushed in... sounds fine when tone knob pulled out)? If this is a correct wiring... then maybe it is just a bad solder joint and resoldering the joints exactly like they are may fix it? Should I take the green and ground off of the tone pot and move it over to the left-most tab on the volume pot like in the Ibanez diagram(s)? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Otherwise I'll just try and re-solder the existing joints and if that doesn't fix it I might have to take it in to a pro and just pay to have it done.

Thanks for looking.


How mine is currently setup:

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Looks like everything was wired correctly... it was just a bad solder joint. I figured it had to be where the white & black wires connected to the tone pot since the problem came in when the coil tap was engaged but only for that one pickup. I just re-tinned the white & black wires, cleaned all the old solder off of the tab on the tone pot and soldered it back. Works like new again. I'm glad it was just that simple.