I recently acquired one half of a Traynor-Norelco YN-412 4x12 Speaker cabinet that had been cut in half and made into 2 separate 2x12 cabs. It has 2 Phillips Norelco "twin cone" whizzer speakers in great condition. I also have a Sovtek MiG-60 amp head, which I have been looking to get a better cab to play it through for a long time. I know the cab works, because when I used it to run my PA mix through at a rehearsal, it sounded GREAT. The problem arrives when I plug my Sovtek into the cab. It sounds like the signal is being overloaded, and distorts - no matter how high or low the volume is. I just got my Sovtek Head serviced last week, so I know that it is in great condition and doesnt have any other problems with other cabs. I am wondering if it may be the wiring configuration in the cabinet itself. I took photos of the inside of the cab and put together a diagram of how it is wired. Can anyone help me? My band is playing with Jonny Lang on Friday and I’d love to play with this cab!

Wiring Configuration:

Photo of inside: