In June I've got an 8 day school trip to Morocco and will be hiking, camel trekking etc. so I will need to have a fairly light but capable bag for carrying water but not getting me too hot. I know nothing about bags so if anybody could help me out or has a suggestion I'd appreciate it. Thanks.
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Anyway come on TS just go to a hiking shop, explain your situation and the staff will help you find a reasonable bag. Sounds like it may be worth you getting a drinking device like a platypus too so ask about them.
go to your local outdoor store.

If you ask the question on here there's a chance-- a chance-- that you'll get a response from a seasoned outdoorsman

If you ask the question to someone working at a good outdoor store then you'll definitely get a response from a seasoned outdoorsman. (I'm talking about a specialty store, not some department-mall-type athletic store staffed by teenagers who know nothing but want a part-time job)