My bass has been sitting in its soft gigbag for almost 24 hours (happens more often). Today, when I picked it up to practice, the whole neck was sticky and shiny ;S The neck smells like there's a short circuit or something. Also on the body, close to the 4 knobs I found this gelly thingy. It really scared the shit out of me, and still does, cus what is this crap? After scrubbing the whole bass with a cloth I got most of the thing off, but still, the neck feels somewhat different. Has anyone experienced this before? In my 6 years of being into anything instrument-related, I've really NEVER heard anything like this....
The aliens played your bass...

Is there something in a bass/guitar that could blow, something with some sort of fluid inside? Did you knock your bass somewhere?
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PS: the cloth turned brown-ish after whipe-down

This was funny.

But hmm, this is strange? Maybe there was something really dodgy in your gig bag that caused some intense humidity and mould? I dunno
well the only thing I can really think of is some dumb-ass spilling beer over my gigbag. But still, when i put it in, i was 100% sure the bass was perfect -as well as the gigbag-. I haven't seen it today so maybe some of my roomies have messed around with it. If that's the case, expect some new rooms to go for rent here in the coming few days....

By the way: the dodgy liquid was IN BETWEEN my strings, nowhere really ONTO the strings. So I really think my fretboard/neck are disintegrating somehow. Which I find quite strange for a $500 Schecter guitar >_<
Sounds like your bass got the dirty sanchez bud! I've never heard of a bass disintegrating from the inside out.
Bummer bro...

I've never heard of that before... well other than when my sistser's cat pissed in my gig bag with my acoustic guitar still inside. 8 years later both the guitar and gig bag still smell like cat piss

If I were you I would do the sniff test, and if that doesn't work get a game of truth or dare going. And when one of your roommate's says "dare" make them lick it!
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$500 Schecter guitar >_<

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the cloth turned brown-ish after whipe-down

I've always said Schecters are shit... Now I have proof.

But on a serious note it sounds like someone's messed with your bass. The sniff test idea was a good one.
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Someone spilled something on your bass, most likely soda, or that brown lager shit that people drink.

The stickiness would account for the sugars in most drinks, I don't know about the jelly stuff though.
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