Hey guys. My uncle gave me this guitar a few years ago and from what i understand it may be worth some good money. I belive its a BC Rich custom handcrafted Bich. it has could inlays, crazy grover tuners, through neck. It's active, it has two 9 volts in it, and a gazillion switches. Can anyone tell me anything useful about this? how much its worth or where to find out? thanks.

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Actually, I go by Dave, but there are already too many Daves on this forum.

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I'm assuming the big empty space in that post is supposed to be a photo. If so, pics don't work brah.

EDIT: No, they do not. Upload it to imageshack or photobucket or something.
yup pics work now.....I have no idea what it is though, I am not into metal guitars at all, but I will say that one is SICK
No clue! The model is a Bich and I'd say its from the mid 80s if the tuners are original. That is what Gibson used on its 80s LP Customs.
Either someone got it build at the B.C. Rich costom shop or they modified the electronics. Thats a very unusual electronics set up.
the more i look into it the more that seems the case. i can't really find one like it. especially with those crazy tuners
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Controls are in exactly the same place as the ebay link provided, just the large switch knob and the knob below it have been swapped and the one post has no knob.

Almost certainly a bich deluxe, and Id say definitely an original not a reissue. But then again, if it's old enough you might be talking pre-mass production days, in which case it's an even more insane piece.

Is there a serial #?
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They'll tell you more than you could ever dream of knowing about that guitar.
there is no serial number. I'm afraid that maybe when i got it i was like 13 and took it off for dumb reason, not sure though. Ill ask those guys thanks.
Jizz is where it is
Looks like a bich, but I'm not sure. Could have a copy there, my friend.
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Well i know for a fact that the R on the headstock only comes from the B.C. Rich custom shop.
Quote by Nephilim777
Well i know for a fact that the R on the headstock only comes from the B.C. Rich custom shop.

Not true.
The U series use them, as well as other older Japanese models, as well as the highest end modern korean models.
EDIT: It wasn't Korean necessarily, it was the higher end, non-usa signature guitars (Steve Smyth, Joey Jordison, etc).
Regardless, it probably is a USA, but I'd expect a USA Bich to have Imperial tuners, it's not make-or-break, but I just can't imagine one without them.
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