i've just started learning scales and some techniques like alternate and sweap picking,but i wonder which techniques are most important for a lead guitarist?? please help...thank you
All these techniques are there for you, not the otherway around.

If you want a less "new-agey" answer:
Every technique is important. It all depends on your style which ones you emphasize.
In case you don't have your own style yet, just try everything.
It depends on your style (as always ) But a good starter would be bends, vibrato and alternate picking
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If you just started alternate picking, don't bother with sweeping for a while.. Or a long while.

Most important techniques.. No use thinking about it. Just learn alternate picking and start with some songs. You'll have your most important techniques figured out in time.
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I second this, most commonly used, most expressive "thing to do" on guitar, and each persons vibrato is slightly diffrent and unique.

Btw this sucker is hard to master properly Once you think you got it, you go watch some Vai and realise you suck...haha
train your bending and vibrato, a lot, it is going to be part of what defines you as a guitarist, just start playing some well know songs and try to define your style as a guitarist, then you can choose the techniques
do you have any sugestions on which songs and solos should i learn and practice?
actually,i known good alternate picking(at least i think so),but i've just started learning and practicing sweap picking...i listen and play metal,but mostly tharsh(metallica,megadeth etc.) and some rock like led zeppelin,zz top and something like that
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All techniques are valuable, best thing IMO is to be a good overall guitarist, but the hardest as well. Good bending and vibrato is super important but so is picking, alternate, economy, sweeping, fingerpicking etc. Strumming, chording, phrasing. Also dynamics with playing hard and soft, clean and dirty.

Ok, so not much thrash uses fingerpicking, but it could!
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Depends mostly on the style but solid package is:
Alternate picking and legato, you need to do these both but the one is better at legato like Joe Satriani and me.
You have the ones that are better alternate picking like Paul Gilbert and John Petrucci.
And you have guys who are extremely good at both Steve Vai.
And sometimes tapping can be good but that is only if you're in that style.
Id say ones that are 'important' to me.

Alt picking
Vibrato (my technique sucks though)
String skipping and Legato/Trills etc..

You should focus on getting everything uptight then move on sweep picking imo.
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As stated before it depends on your style.
jazz and blues players will most likely use vibrato, and string bending. There aren't that many blues players that sweep pick.
Metal Guitarists incorporate stuff like sweep picking, Vibrato, tapping
For songs I would say learn alot of zeppelin, Megadeth has some songs that can help your techniques too. but just practice your techniques alot!! If you have a whammy bar take it off and have someone hold on to it for a while or throw it as far into the ocean as possible so you can work on vibrato.
but alternate picking is something every guitarist of every style should know.
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And timing; having a really good sense of rhythm and timing is a skill all its own that people often overlook.
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A lot of people overlook ear training at this stage of learning. I can't stress enough how important this is!!
I'd say it's between listening, bending, vibrato and phrasing.
However, definitely give some legato a fair bit of practice too- hammer ons, pull offs and slides both from a note to another and sliding into/out of passages.

I say only focus on sweep picking when you can already play some solo's and if your music style really requires it. I'm really not a massive fan of it to be honest.
Vibrato is most important.

It'd be funny to take an exclusive shredder who doesn't play slow and make him play some sad song in D minor at 60 bpm.
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