Hey everyone if you're interested in what we actually play or just like a bit of tech metal guitars mixed with technical slap bass and spazzy drums?

We've tabbed our whole debut album out on all instruments

Download for free at www.thearushaaccord.com

Be nice to know what you think after giving them a go.

Paul - TAA
Pretty cool of you guys to do that and then come on here to let us know, you should submit them on here properly.
I'll certainly take a look but there's no way I'm gonna be able to play anything haha.
My songs are all located here .
Feel free to drop by and crit a song.
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It's just great people want to have them.
To be honest most of our fans are musicians so this is the best place to share
They've been up for a few weeks but hadn't had a chance to get on here.
I'll put them up here at somepoint as well.
Definitely give them a go though mate I'm sure you won't struggle too much
Yeah I guess it's true, this is the perfect place to share. I think I should be able to play some of them, it's gonna be a challenge rhythmically though!
My songs are all located here .
Feel free to drop by and crit a song.
Leave a link and I'll return a crit

Hardest bit is memorising the tracks. Dead to me and the resurgent shouldn't be too hard? It's tracks like the new face of revenge & night of the long knives that are hardest to get stuck in the head & that's coming from the singer ha! Poor mark on drums literally has a breakdown
Nah they looked well playable, it sounds a lot more complicated then it is actually. And I'm not surprised! Must be a nightmare for him.
Just read on your profile that you like Architects, so off topic, what d'you think of their new album?
I find it hard to believe they don't get bored playing it...
My songs are all located here .
Feel free to drop by and crit a song.
Leave a link and I'll return a crit

Yeah this is pretty cool. Ive tried going through them a few times, theyre pretty damn hard but they get easier the more you try. Thanks!
This is a really cool thing for a band to do, I love it when bands genuinely show interest in their fans and do things to please them. So refreshing in this day and age.
Thanks everyone! Really appreciate it. Frankibo - I'm not keen on it to be honest, I think the musicians in the band are pretty good and are now working as a backing band to vocals that aren't greatly sung. I'm know sam can sing better but it's again just another occasion where it seems someone has sung slightly out to sound cool. Much rather listen to tool and sip a beer!
I totally agree, I'm all for bands changing but they went backwards as a band. Make sure Arusha don't do that! Also your scream bears an uncanny resemblance to Sam's on Ruin, although not monotonous like his was on that album.
My songs are all located here .
Feel free to drop by and crit a song.
Leave a link and I'll return a crit

yeah man a few people have said that.
i guess its because we both really go for our screams and don't use enhancing mic technics or vocal technics like the BTBAM singer does.
its not a very healthy way of doing it but its loud and means we actually say words rather than scream and attach lyrics to them (if you get me)

i can promise we wont be turning pop for the next release. there are plenty of bits we're working on right now. Luke is writing very proggy ideas, clayton is writing spazzy tech stuff and tom's writing some really nice structured tech. some nice erie material i want to add clean vocals to but also plenty that will most likely end of with stabbed screaming.

we'll just have to see how they come out as tracks. we have a bitch of a job when it comes to starting the vocal writing!!! but always works out okay...

also going to be writing some parts with clayton to add to tracks which is a little different to before and maybe having some piano in parts? who knows..
This is awesome. I've been wanting to learn Last Rise of the Fallen King for ages, but there weren't any tabs and I'm not that good at transcribing. Nice to find a band that cares. Can't wait for the new album.
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Can't wait for the new album, piano sections could be interesting! You guys are awesome, i really got into echo verses about a week after you played at rock city and i could've gone, i was absolutely gutted! Definately gonna be there next time you come to notts.

And it's awesome that you're doing this kinda stuff for your fans, i'm sure not many people could fully transcribe your tracks haha. I took a look at the night of the long knives tab cause i love that track, i got some of it down but gave up pretty quickly... Anyways mad props for doing this man!
Haha I remember that I tabbed the whole of 'Dead to Me' and submitted it onto UG only to have the band release it a few weeks later!

On top of that my tab was riddled with mistakes from my crappy transcribing! I blame Tom's low quality video of him playing it damnit!

But besides that, it is cool that you guys did the whole album; totally gonna' start cracking on 'Desolate'.
I have thoroughly enjoyed your band since the Nightmares EP. Phenomenal stuff, I was actually showing that EP to a few of my friends about a week ago. The original recording of "The New Face of Revenge" is so massive.

Very glad to see you have tabs! Also, especially glad to see that you are making a return!
I just found out about you guys and you are fantastic! I love "The Echo Verses" it's a fantastic album, although I prefer "The Death of Thieves" on the Nightmare of the Ocean, Just kinda has that "raw" feel about it.

Oh and that harmony at the end of New Face of Revenge... It is just... fantastic, absolutely beautiful. You're like the only band I know of that meshes this really beautiful (jazzy?) cleans with excessively brutal riffs and it's just immense. I used to listened to Sikth like all the time, then I found you guys. Incredible work, can't wait to hear what's coming next. =)

Yeah you said you listen to Tool? The bass line at the beginning (after the clean bit) of Last Rise of the Fallen King kinda has the same pattern as the bass in Schism, not saying that's a bad thing though, your song is way better than schism, just thought it was pretty cool.

Edit: Just saw you don't have the tab for Solace.. WHY!?!?!?!
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oh hey man

yeah totally agree about the tool comment, Luke's obsessed with lateralus so its his ode to the band as such. we take influence from loads of bands and its nice to see people notice them. its also nice to see you note is a comparison instead of people just saying ''you rip off architects/sikth etc'' that does my head in as although you can hear influence id say we were pretty individual?

solace isn't up because tom has gone travelling so he ran out of time when we were tabbing them.

it'll appear at some point. I love it so he better