i want to improve my current recording set up. i currently have an interface with an XLR and 1/4" input and i have software to D.I. record my guitar, but i don't have a mic to record my amp or a set of studio monitors, i only have studio headphones. Which should i get first monitors or mic? i probably need to stay under $150, and can you provide recommendations on whichever option you suggest?
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I'm not going to provide much suggestion because microphones can behave differently for different people, but you should probably invest in some microphones. You can get away with headphones (For the most part, I use headphones) but you're gonna need mics sooner or later.
mics. you cant record without mics bottom line!
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Depending on how elaborate your setup is, or will be... I'd recommend picking up a microphone first. You don't say if your interface has phantom power, so I'd recommend getting a Shure SM57. This mic is a studio standard. It's really designed for instrument use, but doubles nicely for vocals. The SM58 is a good choice for vocals, too. If you have phantom power available, then we can talk about some large condenser microphones. For your budget, the Behringer B-1 and B-2 are decent choices. There are some other large condenser mics in that budget worth your money, but I'll leave those recommendations to others. As you get into recording more and your ear becomes more refined, you'll want to allow a higher budget for your mics.

You can always add on a pair of studio monitors later on. Headphones work fine for the most part.
I just ordered one of these. Hopefully it works as great as some of the reviews state.


Ive also seen USB mics that have a headphone input jack so you can monitor yourself as you record. Pretty sweet.

You should be able to do plenty with your budget.
If you can already DI guitar I'd say monitors without a doubt - good DI tone does exist and why restrict your ability to mix well by spending money on mics you'll replace anyway, whereas for the price of a good mic, you could get some monitors like Genelec's or KRK Rokits that will last you at least a few years while you learn your mix environment and reach a level of aural awareness that will benefit from better monitors?

I would only suggest a mic if you couldn't DI either.
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