Hey all.
I just stopped by to give you the link to my youtube account.
Please comment rate and subscribe.
My best video is Ace Frehley Rip it out cover.
And my second best is I think my Slapback delay (and most viewed).
I will make more videos whenever I get even the slightest bit of inspiration for one.
Soon I will be doing some BOSS Pedal Demos.
And some more demos.
Nice Channel
Squier Affinity Strat

Marshall Guv'Nor GV-2 distortion pedal
Zoom G1XN

Fender Blues Junior
I checked it out and subbed. nice stuff man. I wanna see some original compositions of yours

you can check mine out if you want, i'm mostly a writer so a lot of my stuff is midi. haven't uploaded anything new in a while,(I might just do that now though). andif there's guitar playing on there, its probly really old. i'm altitudes11 you'll see me in your subscriber list