I'm saving up to buy a guitar no more than $500. But I cant figure out which one. I was thinking a Schecter Tempest or a Epi Les Paul. I play rock to Heavy metal. Most play The Devil Wears Prada. MAny other guitars to choose like an Ibanez RG or a Dean Razorback.
schecter or GIBSON - gibson

schecter or epiphone - schecter.

but yeh, dean and ibby aren't bad either.
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If you look used you can easily find (at least in my area) Ibanez RG 570's and even Ibanez Prestige models for under $500. But if buying new, I'd say go with the Schecter.
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epiphone isn't a gibson mate, nowhere near......

Schecter is better suited, but look into Ltd and Ibanez too. a lot of people dont get on well with schecter necks, myself included. they're pretty chunky
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If you play a few, you can normally find a pretty decent epi. I really like mine, and a lot of the newer epis are great quality guitars.
try finding a used tempest custom

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HANDS DOWN, the schecter wins.
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The tempest is also a great starting guitar, and despite having schecter made hardware, its not bad at all.

EDIT: As was said above, if you can - get a schecter tempest custom. Even better value, and it has aftermarket pups in it.

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