Hey there . This is something I came up with after playing around with some odd time signatures (something that I still need practice at), and I thought it came out pretty good. I HIGHLY recommend listening with RSE on, because a few parts are a little hard to hear without it. There will be lyrics eventually, and I'm going to read a poem that one of my friends wrote in the begining of the song.

Thanks for listening, and C4C .
Here have a waffle!
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Well, I didnt listen with RSE, but these were just some things I noted:
- The intro sounds pretty empty without bass. It would also fatten it out to have two guitars, each panned to each side.
- Verse 1 was pretty sweet, but I didnt like the lead at bar 40. Maybe itd sound cooler if it was tremolo picked like the other parts?
- The solo was technical, not much to latch on to there, but you kept it short so it was okay.
- That bass solo was beautiful, same with the guitars and drums in (bar 90), but dont know how I felt about that double bass drum part later on
- Breakdown wasnt that great. If you have vocals over top, Id say you could keep it, but if this is an instrumental section, its a little boring. The solo wasnt too memorable, but thats what you get for soloing over a breakdown I guess?
- I didnt really see the point of re-intro 2, you just did that before, maybe you should bring back the verse riff or something else instead. Although that last part makes a good outro.
Overall, the song had major potential, particularly that clean section. Take out the breakdown, add some better soloing, and it could be great. Good job!
Alright, I took what you said and fixed it up a bit. I posted the update in the first message. And thanks for the crit !
Here have a waffle!