Hey folks!

I've been wanting/needing to get a pedalboard for too long now.

I have 6 Boss stompboxes, a KH Crybaby, and a rocktron volume/expression pedal. I will be purchasing at least one more Boss pedal in the near future, so I will need some growing room. I already have a onespot power adapter for everything, so I just need the board now. My budget is <$200 total cost. Advice/opinions would be greatly appreciated.

for that kinda of money, you could buy a NICE board.
or build a totally KICK-ASS board, with a little time and sweat.
To put it simply.

I wanted a pedalboard, so I went out to my garage (substitute friends house/dumpster/woodshop scraps, whatever). Pick up a long 2x4, cut it into a rectangle and put a piece of plywood on top of it. I spent 50 cents on some screws, and 3 dollars on some spray paint. Bam, pedalboard that at that size would have cost me like 100+ dollars. For a little bit more I'm sure you could build something cool. Even if you went and bought the wood I bet it would still be under 50 bucks. I think pedalboards are the most ridiculously overpriced piece of equipment a guitarist can buy.
ya, spend the 200 on a new pedal or something. just build a board.
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