Hi there!
Any help would be so great, as I'm just itching to place an order!

I'm looking to purchase a USB condenser microphone for the use of recording vocals and guitar at the same time. My webcam's microphone is crappy and distorts all the time.

I don't want to have to be right up on the microphone either, if at all possible.

Two mics I've had my eye on were the Blue Yeti, and the Shure PG27-usb.

The Blue Yeti apparently had pretty decent sound quality, and you can switch the patterns, ie. cardioid, omnidirectional, stereo...
I think omni-directional would be good for my application? But I'm not sure.

Or the Shure pg27-usb, which has a lot less reviews that I can find... I trust Shure's quality, but I'm not sure if this one would work well for what I want.

Feel free to give any other mic suggestions as well. I really need some help!

I just got the Blue Snowball the other day and it's very nice for doing acoustic and vocals at the same time. Plus the thing feels like it could be used as a weapon and then still record afterwards. I've never used the Yeti or the Shure, but I'm just throwin it out there that Blue seems to make good products.
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Blue and Shure both make excellent products. i would trust either of them.

of course, i have to advise going the interface+condenser way, but if you're dead set on a USB mic, i'm sure any of those will be just fine
Thanks for your input guys. I decided on the Yeti. I should have it tomorrow!

As far as the interface+condenser, yeah I agree that would definitely be a better option BUT the reason I chose USB is because it's my most convenient option for right now.
My computer's fan is broken, and whenever I use my interface and Cubase it overheats the computer almost instantly. I could get the fan fixed, but I really need to make some decent-quality recordings ASAP. I need to make a demo CD to get some gigs bc I'm relying almost solely on music for my income right now.
Down the road I'll get my computer fixed and a nice condenser mic. But I think the Yeti will suit me just fine for now.
As for fixing a computer's fan shouldn't be too hard anyway, it might just be some dust or a cable being unplugged from it. Get a computer nerd friend and they might be able to do it for you in a matter of minutes.