dream of third eyes
and running four-leg
like an animal
the latter was familiar
though I don't think I've done that before
running from a savage war
toward a quickly closing door
i missed it and he walked away
maybe I should practice more
I want Super Saiyan abilities
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I like this......I couldn't tell you why as I'm rereading it, but...I do.
I can just relate to the last three lines really well.
Sensational! I cried a bit when I read it, this is a very touchy subject for me.
I'm just like the Jonas Brothers,

I'm no longer relevant and write mediocre music.

hmm i'm still trying to think how the title is related to the piece. what i've got so far is you as an animal pooped at the wrong place and your master is mad or something?

this was great anyway, i loved the desperateness and abandoned feeling i got from this and how it is captured in only a few sentences..good job

could you crit mine if you had the time? its in my sig. would appreciate it very much, thx
don't try to relate the title to the poem. it's a quote from the very acidic dream that inspired this piece
I want Super Saiyan abilities