Ok so I just ordered a set of BKP's and I don't really know anything about pickups.
I left the leg length set to long but now im starting to fear i did something wrong here.
Will long legs fit into a RR3?
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The pickup height adjustment screws usually end up going further than either leg style does and every good guitar should be routed to cope with that, so it shouldn't be a problem unless your guitar uses wood mounting instead of mounting rings and has an unusually shallow rout at that. The main difference between short leg and long leg is just how easy it is to get the pickup to sit at the right height without shifting. It's not much of a difference though.
^Not all guitars will be able to fit long leg pickups into the routes. Generally they're only found on Gibsons and Gibson copies, most other guitars will only take short leg pickups. Fender, PRS, Ibanez and Schecter use short leg, so I'd say Jackson would too.
The long legs are 1/2" long, the short are 1/4". You can see which your Jackson needs by taking the current pickup out, you only need to undo the 4 screws on the pickup ring (its probably easiest to do this when you change strings) and see how long the legs are. I'd say they'll be 1/4" or thereabouts, but you should be able to fit the long legs in there.
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