So, I decided it would be kinda cool to try my hand at doing vocals. There is an 80s metal cover band around town is holding auditions this saturday, and I think it would be kinda awesome to do stuff like that (I'm an 80s child at heart). I'm a smaller dude, so I can actually hit some pretty high stuff, but of course the lows I can't really do. Now, is there anything anyone can tell me that's important about singing besides use my diaphragm? How to hit correct notes, etc.? Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance.
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Try posting in the correct forum. Might get more help there. Unless these are song lyrics, then i'd say that it gets a little choppy in the middle.
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Singing lessons aren't something that we teach in a few days. You can either sing right now, or it's too late for Saturday. If you have the ability, try recording yourself and give it a listen. If you still think you sound good, then post a link here and we'll do c4c.
just sing songs from the 80's and see what you can do
what songs are they covering? Try those.
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