Hey All,

I purchased a VOX Night Train 15w on Craigslist a few days ago. I'm running it through a Traynor 1x12 Cab and everything works fine and this thing makes some sweet tones. Only thing is this: The Amp eminates a Buzzing/Hiss sound when the gain is turned up or when I'm on the crunch channel., and it's more than just a little noticable. At first I thought I had a faulty Amp, but after some searching on Google I found that many also had this problem.

First of all, I'd like to know if this is normal for this amp or not. (I truly hope I didn't get ripped off, I don't think I did) Secondly, I wonder if anything can be done to fix these issues? Would a Noise Gate fix this? I read on the VOX Message Board that one could try replacing the V1 Preamp Valve - but that sounds expensive! (I'm wondering how much that would possible cost?)

I'd really appreciate some help here, guys.

-Major Bludd
1.Yes, it's normal because the Night Train is a low gain amp.
2. Yes, a noise gate should fix the problem.
A lot of amps have some hiss or buzz at higher gain due to the gain.

If it is from a preamp tube then a noise gate usually won't fix it. If you have extra tubes you can try changing some of the preamp tubes out to see if the noise goes down. It may just be something you have to learn to live with.

Thanks for the reply, man. The guy at L&M told me that a Noise Gate wouldn't do anything fot the Amp Hiss/Buzz because the NT15 has no Effects Loop. If I put the Noise Gate in front of the Amp, where would it go on the chain? I have a Reverb & Delay that I love and I wouldn't want the Noise Gate to mess with either of those.
Grrr... I just spoke to 2 different Techs at 2 different L&M stores and they both told me that they wouldn't install an effects loop. One of them told me it wouldn't help matters, as I'd be treating the symptom rather than the problem. He suggested changing tubes and a general inspetion of the Amp.