I'm so sick of dropping my pick in my soundhole, hell I even dropped my phone in there the other day. Is there anything I can put over it without losing tone or volume and without it getting in the way? cheers.
How the hell did you drop your phone in there? I used to drop picks in there when i was first starting out, but as you get better and you hold the guitar upright instead of leaning it back to see the frets, it won't happen as much. Blocking the soundhole will definitely kill your tone and volume; ever play an electric guitar without an amp?
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It takes real coordination to drop your phone inside your guitar, but anyway, try one of these:

The Lute Hole Company 4" Soundhole Cover for Feedback Control

You will lose some volume, of course, but the "light" one should still leave you enough to be audible. (Disclaimer: I haven't tried one myself.) It's designed to control feedback when playing an electro-acoustic plugged in, but it should also help keep things from falling inside.

And yes, work on technique, or try a thumbpick. It's much harder to knock those off.

Was gonna suggest exactly the same thing

Only I've heard you actually lose very little volume for what it is, as in, it's barely noticeable
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Stand your guitar up straight when you're playing and hold onto the pick. Don't try to cheat the issue. Also, learn the correct way to remove your pick once it falls in.
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How the hell did you drop your phone in there?

I dropped a pick in there and stuck my phone in for the light so I could see where it went
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I dropped a pick in there and stuck my phone in for the light so I could see where it went

I'm eagerly awaiting tomorrow's follow-up post, where you explain that you were using salad tongs to try remove the phone from the guitar, but dropped the tongs.
Nah, my mum got it out the other day. Nearly broke my phone though, that I wouldn't have been too happy about.
lol salad tongs. I got some picks called "cactus picks" and they have pretty good grip with these little dots on them. It's still possible to catch one of them on the string and have it go flying inside if you aren't careful. But worth a try. The site is http://cactuspicks.com and I actually bought mine off eBay.
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I use my phone inside accoustics all the time to check damage before repairs, also to just look around in there well my phone or webcam.

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