to those who have experience with building your own pedals,
how do-able/difficult would it be to build a clone/ggg model with only the PCB & parts list? (might be cheaper to do it that way that's why)

is it recommendable?
As a Music Tech/Audio Engineering student I can tell you that it's the designing and production of the PCB that's actually the hard bit. If you already have the PCB and component list then, as long as you can solder, it's easy.

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in my experience, if you go through smallbearelec.com for the parts, you will about break even with buying one as far as money goes. they are a little more expensive but they are so damn convenient. plus people love that they test the Ge transitors for the classic 60's clones. With a nice stomp switch, shipping, and an enclousure, you are already about $25 into it. primer, paint, and lacquer, a few new drill bits, about another $10 at the hardware store.

if you go through mouser.com you can save money but you will start getting nervous that you are going to buy the wrong part since there are so many variations of the same semiconductors esp the IC's. definitely go mouser if you are stocking up on parts.

I usually don't save money. I would say with everything i buy related to a pedal, soup to nuts, I usually spend about $60 per pedal for a typical distortion/OD/fuzz. But i do have the chance to make some mods (I almost always have switchable diodes and tweaked tone stacks extra parts=extra money sometimes an OD stage after a fuzz or some buffering). But I usually make pedals that are only available if you make them yourself (non-clones).