The guitars at the very beginning sound a little off tempo but I could be hearing things.. The vocals are great! Although, at times the (mostly during the harmonies) if sounds a little off. I love funky bass you have going on plus the Wah and awesome effects you got going on in the guitar solo. Great Job! Keep up the good work If you have some time could you critique of this song I just wrote?

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I liked the guitar, but it's a bit too thin imo. Same with the overall mix, iy just sounds a bit empty as a whole. The vocals are pretty good, and the vocal melody is quite catchy as well. The chorus is fine, but in terms of dynamics it falls flat, as in, there isn't any change of dynamics between the verse and the chorus, and that make it feel not as powerful as it could/should be. I liked the solo, really good use of effects.

Overall, it's not bad, but the production could be better, and I kinda wish that the rhythm wasn't the same throughout the whole song. Keep at it, though!
Good stuff, I like it a lot, though like it has been already written guitar is a little bit thin, but it's not so bad. Everything fits together, besides nice solo and singing. Keep up the good work
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First thing I notice in the mix is that you need to bring the bass up man!!! it's reggae!!! bass is a big deal in this kind of music ( and not because I'm a bassist of course ) but well if you like reggae you should know this, guitars more to the back just a little bit there, I like the tone and effect its like flanger?... Oh! and there's some parts the guitar's off time before the chorus... and the second vocals should be in the background actually backing up the lead vocals, check the time issues and you got it, it's a good song, keep it up man!

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I agree with a lot of the other people, the overall mix of the song is lacking. Maybe record an additional rhythm guitar track to help fill it out or add keyboards. Keyboards would be sick.

Anyways real nice tune, I enjoyed it.
Thanks for all the replies.

A keyboard part would be awesome. I have to work on my keyboarding skillz first tho.