So there's a taylor 414ce used for sale for 900, but it has minor cracks in the back due to humidity. Seller says it'll cost in and around 200 for repair and re-humidifying. I was wondering if it's worth it to buy the guitar. For a taylor 414ce, 1100 bucks is pretty cheap, and according to the seller the cracks were the only problem. So help me...
there are 2 414ce's on ebay for $1100 buy now right now, so it would be a good price but not an amazing price. does the seller seem to know much about guitars? i sort of have to wonder since he (she?) was the person who let their guitar dry out enough to crack it even though new taylors come with cards telling all about the issues of letting your guitar dry out...
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Now theres something i have never heard of. How do you re-humidify a guitar? The mind boggles.
^You set relative humidity slightly above where it should be and let the guitar re-absorb to normal levels.
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