Ok guy's i want to know if this could be done.

Ok so im sitting around during spring break playing my Gibson SG and Started thinking how i could expand my musical boundaries if i had a floating tremolo in my SG. And then i started searching on the internet if Gibson has expirimented in the past trying to put a floating trem in a SG and i found nothing .So i started thinking Why the Hell hasnt Gibson tried this . i mean if they can sit around for a year or so thinking up the Firebird X they can put a Floyd Rose, Kahler,etc. in a SG. They made the LP Axcess which is a great guitar but im not a very big LP person.

1.I know one major thing is that the SG body is very thin compared to a LP.
2. A floyd or somthing could effect the performance of a thin ,lightweight Guitar like a SG.

So UG Could this Be Done.
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People have had Floyd's installed on SG's so it is possible.

May i point out one thing. Thats a Epiphone not a Gibson. i Compared my Gibson to my old ass Epi Sg and the epi is thicker and heavier than the my Gibson's Body . So im talking About "Gibsons"
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2010 Ltd.Gibson SG Standard 60's
Steinberger Spirit Deluxe
Roland CUBE 80XL
Fender Mim Stratocaster
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I think regular SGs are too thin to add a trem like that to it, but you could toss a bigsby on that thing, or an old school maestro trem.
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A kahler doesn't require too much wood to be routed, so that might work better than a Floyd... I don't even know if a Floyd would work on a "thin" SG. Of course, that's if you're looking towards a locking trem. Otherwise, a Bigsby is probably your best bet. The maestro looks cool, but tuning isn't very stable with it, so...
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You could sand off the body, add a thick cap to it and route through that if you're really set on a FR.
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Kahler. FR's are too long.
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What about the original type of trem??


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Washburn Wonderbar - no routing required - , or shorten the block on your floyd/ leave it proud of the body depending on the string height at the bridge.
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With enough string tension, it would be easy enough to machine the block to a shorter length and still have a perfectly functioning FR.
So yes, it can be done!
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