Hi Guys,

I have an original Gibson Explorer '84

Past few months I have been playing a lot of detuned stuff and use Ernie Ball Not even Slinky's tuned in C

Since re-stringing last I have noticed that the Tune-O-Matic screw heads face the tailpiece insead of the Pickups.

It does say that there are many guitars with this setup but the strings themselves just touch the the screw before going into the tail peice as you may be able to see in the photo I've attatched.

I've had the guitar for 2 years with normal gauge strings and never noticed but it is only recently that it is playing on my mind if its wrong or not?

I still get a decent sound but just wondering if it could be better if it wasn't touching the screw head

Cheers for any feedback
Unless you feel that the break-angle of the string over the saddle isn't sharp enough, than it shouldn't really matter.
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