ok i am installing my string ferrules into a guitar and i need two pieces of information.

1. the string thru top ferrules are 5/32 so what size hole will i need to make in the guitar?

2.the string mounting ferrules are 5/16 so what size hole would i use for that?

basically i'm asking how exactly am i supposed to install them? am i supposed to make the smaller hole and then countersink the larger ferrules or what? and it would suck if i were to make the holes to big for the ferrules...

if your wondering they are the stewmac ferrules. thank you so much.
kay.. im just nervious simply because the hardest thing ive ever done so far is put in the bushing for a stoptail that was pre-drilled... so ill give it a shot.

as far as countersinking and stuff am i right about that?
For small holes use brad point drill bits. I start with the small hole and drill all the way through. Then I can more easily center the bigger hole on the other side. Anything over 1/4" I'll use forstner bits. Make sure and clamp wood to the opposite side so you don't get tear out when the bit cuts through. I set the ferrule there, put a piece of clean hardwood scrap over it (like maple) and whack it with a dead blow hammer or a jointers mallet. I actually put a little CA glue on the ferrule before sinking it. You can sink them flush or leave them proud, its up to you. If the guitar body is a hardwood it would be wise to use a forstner to cut the relief for the lip part of the ferrule so it countersinks cleanly if you go that route.
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