Hey all

So I've done a lot of electronica compositions over the past year or so, but this latest track was the first time I tried incorporating guitar playing into the mix. That being said, should you be kind enough to give a listen, I'd really like some feedback on the overall sound quality of the track. I have a very modest recording set up, I'm using Sonar Home Studio 7 with a Lambda DI box sort of deal. The electro sounds are coming from Sonar's soft synths.


Just as a general recording quip, I'm curious as to when is the right time to layer tracks doing the same thing. For example, I experimented with that a bit with the lead guitar melody at the end of the track, with a delay guitar panned all the way to the left, and a chorus guitar panned all the way to the right. I realize with stuff like that it's a lot of preference, but if you guys have any tips to offer they'd be much appreciated!

Also, the timing does slip here and there. I'm still learning how audio quantize works. I still have a lot to learn about recording :p