Unfortunately, when a guitar playing teenager is fresh out of eighth grade and manages to acquire a reasonable amount of money, the aforementioned teenager will use his poor decision making skills to invest all of that hard earned cash into a Zakk Wylde Epiphone...completely disregarding that he will only really enjoy Zakk Wylde or that cheesy bullseye design for about another year or so.

Well, I've spent almost 6 years bonding with that guitar now (given it's hardly my main instrument these days), and I don't intend to give up something I've grown so partial to, in favor of getting half the cash I paid for it in the first place. But, quite frankly, I still find it to be pretty ugly.

With the aid of a guitar-savvy friend, I intend to strip the paint from the facade of the guitar body (the bullseye area) and create some sort of a cool piece of artwork in it's place. However, I need to know what kind of paint I should/can use for the painting. I was hoping I would be able to use acrylic paints or something, as I'm already pretty comfortable using those (as well as oil paints)....but really I have no idea what would be a good medium for me to use.

If anyone could steer me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated.
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You can use lacquer or nitrocellulose. I'm partial to lacquer finishes myself. But hell, I've even seen decent finishes come from a Krylon can, so those definitely aren't your only options.
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My intention is to do a slightly more in depth piece of artwork on the the body (one possibility includes doing a reproduction of a whirlpool galaxy picture) Are those suggestions something I'd be able to use for that, or will they only work for more plain/solid finishes?