So, I'm an experienced guitarist, but I'm trying to work my way into doing vocals. Anyway, I can sing a little bit, but I don't know what to do to improve my singing abilities (or lack thereof).

Here lies my problem: For the longest time, I believed that I was tone deaf when it came to singing, but it was brought to my attention that I just wasn't singing loud enough to hear myself. Now I sing from my diaphram (Which seems like a big part to get down).

So, I'm essential a brand new vocalist. Where do I start?

For an idea of my vocals you can listen to my "Swing Life Away" cover on my profile (Granted, it's not very vocally demanding, but it IS something).

Thanks all!
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Warm up before. It feels retarded, but it helps. If you have a keyboard, just do a simple major scale up and down. Once done, put it up a half step and repeat. Keep doing that until you hit your highest note, then do the same going back down.

Practice, just like guitar you have to put serious time and effort into it. So just stick with it
Get lessons. Learn how to produce your voice from someone who knows how to do it properly. Remove the barriers that are currently limiting your abilities.

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I know it sounds crazy, but try to learn to inhale your voice. www.thebelcantotechnique.com

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Stay relaxed stay in your range. Breathing is a good start.

You can work on Ahhhhh sounds and light hmm for resonating in your head.

warm up nice and easy. After your voice feels nice and loose try to keep it that way. if your voice hurts you went to far its best to stop. thats a good reason to stay in your range. because if you dont its like taking 2 steps forward and 3 steps back.

drink water. Volume comes naturally with time. you dont want to over do it. you should just sing in a way that is most relaxed singing to quite may hurt. then singing to loud will to. So i say just keep it natural and relaxed your mindset plays a big role in singing.
Thanks for all the advice, everyone! I've been running through scales and not stressing my voice too hard and, just for safe measure, I'm going to go get a few voice lessons.
"This nightmare's gonna break me.
Please, Daylight, save me..."
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He means Do-Re-Mi-Fa-So-La-Ti-Do(8). Or, every degree in a major scale. You probably already knew that.


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Am I right - when I sing note in unisone with smth it is like vibrations in my head?