So.. I'm pretty sure i know the answer but it'd be nice if it were confirmed by one of you smart fellows.

I write music, man. And i always sample dialogue from movies and television shows etc. After i have completed these songs i upload them to soundcloud and select the 'creative commons' choice.
Q: I don't wish to make money from it so it's legal to do??? (Is it legal to use the samples if you're not expecting the song to make any money?)

EXTENSION (if you wish to read on)

How would i go about getting the license for using the samples?

Thanks pit/Peace out!
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I dunno. I've noticed when people do that stuff, often times they'll alter the pitch maybe a half-step down/up or something maybe so it's not identical to the original sample.

If it's just a quick sample no longer than 15-20 seconds I think you're good.
i don't know for sure the rules (it depends by country i believe), but as long as its not for profit i think its okay.

i usually stick to royalty free samples though just in case when it comes to quotes and stuff they're not hard to find
It's still illegal...use old samples 50 years or older copyright has run out on them.
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