Hey I recently heard about attenuators and I'm thinking they could be very useful for me. Is there any risk to your amp in running your tubes cranked for long periods of time with an attenuator keeping your volume down? Does it wear the tubes out faster or anything? Also, can anyone recommend me a good quality attentuator under $100 or less?
Yes, it wears the tubes down faster, and I think Webber has some that are around $100 (maybe more, I'm not sure)

What exactly are you wanting to use it for? Don't expect to get amazing cranked tones down to bedroom level without some tone loss. Attenuators are good for bringing the volume down for practice or gigs (especially if they're mic'd) but they're not the best option if you're playing a 100w head in your room or are doing some serious recording.
I was thinking about using it to get a better overdriven sound for recording and just fun in general.
Attenuators really aren't very useful for the applications that most people want to use them for. They won't turn your cranked half stack into a 5W tube amp. They're most useful for getting stage levels right live, more than anything else. Even then, I don't find them all that necessary or useful.

Also, I doubt you could get one under $100 anyway.
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And good ones dont come cheap
cheap=tone loss+even shorter tube life
imo the best one is thd hot plate atteunator comes for 400-500$ mew
Dr. Z Brake Lite - Mini Airbrake Attenuator

One of the most loved attenuators ever made!

Just ask the Z-Boys...


Grasping the physics and limitations of using attenuation, and applying this tool with moderation and intelligence, will yield an incredibly rewarding result. I honestly don't know how I've been gigging all these years without a device of this kind - it really has been a revelation to me. The Dr. Z. Brake Lite has to rate as one of the most useful pieces of gear I have bought in a long, long time. Quality is top notch, as you'd expect from one of the world's premium amp builders, and it's affordable enough to mount one in every combo you gig with!

Great big thumbs up from me!
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