not sad meanings but songs that have meanings that dont quite match up to the emotion of the song.
one example is "collie man" by slightly stoopid its such a great song, but all it is a song about a guy calling his weed dealer. the chords of that song could have been used for such a better song or meaning but it was wasted on a song about a guys "collie man" bringing over some "sensi herb"
Why is it a "waste?" They wrote a song about something they wanted to write a song about. And if you think it's great, what do you care what it's about?

There are some terrific songs in the world about NOTHING. There are horrible songs (musically) that have great lyrical content.

Also, and this may be slightly OT, but, I listened to the track. Anyone who smokes that much weed, is probably gonna write a song about it. Furthermore, it seems a LITTLE deeper than just calling your man for some smoke. Hell, even if it IS just about calling your man for some smoke...