Hey all , looking at buying a new Gibson Les Paul but im not sure on what model. Ive heard that the Traditional is better than the standard due to its full weight.I will probably be purchasing online so trying each is not an option due to my location. Any comments would be apreciated.
I'd go with the Traditional over the Standard.

Also, why do you want a Gibson LP and only a Gibson LP?
esp-eclipse .... just sayin
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no dude, I have an eclipse and my les paul traditional is way better, it's so much more versatile.
On topic, i'd go with the traditional due to it's unchamberd body, that way you get more sustain.
On the other hand, you really should try them out, because some of the les paul (traditional or standard) sound like crap, just saying.
it's subjective really, you might like the standard more than the traditional, it'll be lighter, it will sound a lot different, and feel a lot different to play due to the weird 'innovative' (so they say) neck profile.

the traditional model should weigh a lot more but should also get closer to the classic les paul sound and feel than the standard.. it's all about what you want, really.
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The Traditional is your typical Les Paul Standard. Great guitar. The (new) Standard has slightly more sustain due to the weight relief, but you get a slightly different sound due to the weight relief. But, you won't hear a massive difference. I love my Traditional, but I have played quite a few standards I wish I bought as well. Just play a few and see which would sound an play best in your set-up. They aren't massively different at all really.
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Iv pondered this very question before. Traditional for sure.
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Traditional ftw, it's basically the classic Standard.
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Traditional. A friend of mine has one of each (one was a "drunken eBay" purchase from Canada - we're in Australia) and the new (post 2008) Standards just don't feel... right. There is something about the tone that isn't quite there too.... I think the Traditionals aren't as "throaty" and still retain more mid-range.
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Thanks for the comments , im leaning towards the traditional but i might have to do a road trip and test try a few. Im hearing that each model can sound and play differently. I think the closest dealer that stocks gibson is 4 hours away and they only stock 2 les pauls.
TS, do not get an entry level Gibson unless you can try it. They tend to be very inconsistent, and you can just as easily get one you hate as get one you love. Ordering a Gibson online is basically the same as playing rusian roulette.

If you have to order online, I'd go with what someone above said: An ESP Eclipse. They are extremely consistent, and it'd take a blue moon for you to get a "bad one".

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no dude, I have an eclipse and my les paul traditional is way better, it's so much more versatile.

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Don't play russian roulette - try before you buy. Seriously, it applies to Gibson the most of any brand I know; they tend to be very different from guitar to guitar, even of the same model. They also tend to be of very incosistent quality. But I'd choose the Traditional out of those; I don't like the strange neck-profile on the new Standard.

I don't like my Gibson; so I will probably never buy another. I am more of a Fender guy (Never say never though).
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i bought a gibson without trying it first once.


i vote PRS McCarty or SC245/250.
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