manually, with no string winder?

Stupid question, I guess, but my new strings just arrived, and I realized I gave my little winder thing to my sister.

Also, having not put much care or attention into my guitar in the last year or so, is there any other maintainence I should get out of the way, before or after I restring?
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If there is, my guitar should be totally messed up right now. Yet, it's not.

I'm not the expert, but every time I restring (every 4 months maybe, only play maybe twice a week, practice with a different guitar) I clean my fretboard with cleaner, I tighten any loose tuning pegs, clean my saddle with a dust remover, and.. make sure my pots are clean.
I don't really think there's anything bad. Just be careful not to hurt yourself though.
If it sounds okay, don't touch it.
And no, you don't need a string winder. For hundreds of years, it's been done manually. It just takes longer.
I never used one until I got my acoustic. I bought a Planet Waves bridge pin remover/string cutter/string winder. It's not a huge deal, just quicker and more convenient. I could easily live without using a string winder.
Apart from the fact it takes a little longer, no. All your doing differently with a winder is using the winder to turn the tuner button faster.
You will be fine without a string winder. I would clean the fretboard and neck. Tighten any loose tuners. Then put the strings on and check neck relief/action. Only adjust those last two if necessary.
If anything, with a string winder you might chip or skew a tuner button, if it's not a completely perfect fit. You're not going to do that turning it with your fingers.
How do you think they changed strings before the string winder was invented?
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Quote by mtshark
How do you think they changed strings before the string winder was invented?

Their psychic abilities, since atrophied in modern man.

Anyway, job done! It's been a while, don't think I did a great job, some of the strings wrapped around the pegs look ugly and disorganized, but they're on, it's tight and in tune. ^__^
"Levelled up. Still no solos."