Am I dreaming or does this Fender Blues Jr. have the controls upside down ?

What's the deal ?
The picture is from a guy who sells the amp near where I live...
yep looks upside down to me.
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Thats one of the "mark 3" Blues Jr's, the one that guys selling is the Mark 2 BJ. They are supposed to be like that.
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Quote by alans056
This is from the Fender website...

obviously they changed it since that amp was made, or since they updated the photo.

edit: answered in post above

amplifiers do sometimes have their control panels organised as though they are upside down when you view them from the front of the amp - i think there are a few vox AC30s like that, too, among others. a lot of older fender amps were like that too, obviously at some point they were going for "vintage correct" details when they made that one.
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