I'm thinking about completely re-doing my rig, because I'm just not getting the sounds I want from my current one. So let's pretend like I have no gear at all and want to buy a new guitar, new amp, and probably some pedals.

I would have about $1000 to spend if i sold all my gear, but soccer season starts soon so ill get more money from reffing.

I play a pretty wide variety of stuff, (John Mayer, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Relient k, CKY, and a day to remember to name a few) so i want an amp and guitar that can do great cleans and overdrive. The heaviest I'll play is a day to remember type stuff, and i could always use a pedal if i needed a boost.

I think I prefer humbuckers to single coils, but I've never had a single coil guitar, and I've always wanted a strat as a second guitar, I just don't have enough money.

I want a tube amp for sure. I've been looking at the renegade, I like the sounds I hear on youtube, but that would cost my whole budget so I don't really think that's an option. (I could always save up more though) I have a Guitar Center 30 minutes away that I could try stuff out in, so just make suggestions.

And thats all I can think of. Thanks for your help
i'd say go for a stratocaster and put a single-coil sized humbucker in the bridge.
another option is stratocaster and put a normal humbucker in the bridge and make it coil-splittable.

as for the amp, i'd suggest a marshall especially since you want some really heavier stuff too. or just a fender and put a distortion pedal in front of it.
VOX AC30 has amazing overdrives and you can get amazing tones for the red hot chili peppers stuff. You may not get the excact copy of their sound but you'll get sounds that fit their music really good. but that's just my opininion of course
well based on the sounds of mayer and rhcp that tends to lean towards a strat. maybe an HSS strat, which is a strat with a humbucker in the bridge position. that could help give you a wide variety of sounds, you will definitely get cleans and will be able to have a nice overdrive with the humbucer.

my honest recommendation would be buy USED to get more bang for your buck. get an american made HSS strat for around 500-600, buy a used fender hot rod deluxe or any other in the hot rod series for 300ish and then get a pedal for the 'heavy' stuff.
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An HSS Strat, with maybe a Marshall Class 5 or a small Fender tube amp. The class 5 will get you awesome dirty sounds, and using your neck single coil on the strat will give you some awesome cleans, with more breakup coming at about 5. I'll let you know though, my idea of awesome cleans that you can get from the Class 5 is a bit gritty.
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The HSS strat looks pretty cool, I think I'll try to get down to GC today to try one out. and i do buy used, i could never afford any gear if i bought new. haha
Based on the threads you have started, I would say go play a variety of guitars and amps.

Talk to people. Get to know the small music stores that sell used and vintage equipment. Try their stuff.

Save money. Try more stuff.

Rushing out and buying something got you into the predicament you are in.