Today i changed my strings, and i don't why i have big intonation problems with my A and D strings.I always keep my guitar tuned in D standard.The problem is with these 2 strings, when i play a power chord it sounds false.i intonated them perfectly, but when i tune them anything i play on them sounds false.I tried to move the saddle from D string towards the neck because on tuner it said that the note on 12th fret was flat but the power chord still sounds false.if the D string is tuned above the perfect spot, the power chord sounds fine, but if i tune it like it should be the power chord sounds false.i don't know what to do, all my strings are perfectly intonated.I would like to go to a luthier but unfortunately there isn't any luthier in my town.
Intonation is a compensation game between action and proper tuning. The higher your action the more likely that intonating the open string and 12th harmonic or fret will still result in intonation problems because you are changing the tension of the string differently than was expected and used in calculating fret distance. It is a little complicated to understand without visuals. Remember that just because the 12th fret is a little off doesn't mean the guitar is poorly intonated. Try moving the saddle a bit one way or the other to see what helps even if that slightly throws off the 12th fret harmonic/note.
i tried many times to move them in both directions, and no result. it's like i said, the strings are perfectly intonated, i tune them perfect and the notes sounds off key.i never had this problem and i never heard of it.and about the action, last time i changed it was many months ago and i changed the strings many times since then.
Try going to extremes of opposing directions and see what that does. You can always use a ruler to match the distance from the string leaving nut to the 12 fret and from the 12th fret to the saddle.