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I've discovered the greatness of Cab impulse responses fairly recently, but all the tuts I've seen online are not mac-friendly (mac is cool, come at me). Is there anyone that can post like a mac-friendly tut (incl. programs, where to get cab impulses, etc.)? I did use the search function, fyi.
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There's a bunch of them that you have to pay for, SIR2 comes to mind.

On Windows there's like a gazillion IR loaders for free. Yeah mac sure is cool.
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Just google 'Speaker Cabinet Impulse Responses .wav' for the actual IR's; if you want I'll make a brief picture-based guide here later, but what DAW are you using? If you have Logic, which I hope you do as you're on a Mac , open up Space Designer (in the Reverb plug-in section) and then it will let you load your own impulse response (search around, can't remember the name of the option off the top of my head) and then you just select the one you want, set it to 0% dry, 100% wet and insert your amp sim plug-in before Space Designer.
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Are you using Amp sims? Lepou(sp?) released the LeCto in AU format.

You are using Logic. Perfect. I havent found anything free for Pro Tools but I found this for Logic.


for Impulses you can grab the ones from the VST tutorials.

Make an audio track in Logic.
Assuming you grabbed the LeCto Au, Plug that into the inserts on the audio track.
Plug LAConvolver into the inserts next.
When LAConvolver opens up it should say. Show Information. CLick that.
In the dialog box you will see another box that says N/A. That means there is no impulse loaded. Below the dialog box should be a button that says Choose. PRESS IT BROTHA!!

Select an impulse and play away.
I generally dont mess with any settings on the plug in but if you feel the need to do it go ahead.
^ oOoh thanks I use a Line 6 Pod XT Live for my tone, but I'm really not happy with the cabs because they all sound like crap and aren't tight enough ;D
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