And I have the opportunity to buy some stuff.
My options right now are:
Used 5150II for $610
Used Peavey XXX (like new) for $350
New Bugera 333xl for $550
New Bugera 6260 for $550

What are the pro's and cons of these amps? Also - I will not be able to try the Bugeras.
i'd try playing through them as looking at them doesn't tell you much

given a choice i'd go with the Peavey's as they are better quality than the bugera. a XXX for that price is a pretty good deal. what type of stuff do you play? both peavey's are good for metal styles and have solid reputations. actually whan i bought my last amp a guy had his XXX head there looking for a cab and it kicked as.
5150 II for sure. I own one. Very versitile amp. Can do any genre with that amp, no problems.
XXX for 350$ is almost a steal, go play it and see if anything's busted or such.
I play a lot of metal - although when I write riffs they are more rock/hard-pop type songs. Think A Day to Remember/Coheed/Underoath tones. It's just how it comes out

TBH I'm pretty happy with my Line 6 clean and rythm distortions, but can't get even a decent sounding metal/lead tone from it. And I want to upgrade to a tube amp.

I've heard very mixed things about the XXX - like that they suck horribly. I played one once about 2 years ago for ten minutes and thought it was pretty cool.
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XXX for 350$ is almost a steal, go play it and see if anything's busted or such.

Also - its such a shame the XXX faceplate is so ugly and the new 3120 is so good looking! I'd buy it off of my past experience + new looks alone for the price haha
I've found the XXX to sound really... I don't know how to describe it. Sterile, maybe? I don't know, wasn't a huge fan of the ultra channel. Crunch was good, clean was decent at best. At that price though, it's hard to pass up.
Boooooooger if you want cleans aswell.
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Just listened to a bunch of youtube clips on the XXX and for the price I think it has plenty of gain. This lets me splurge on a decent 2x12 or 4x12 cab now and maybe get another amp dwon the road I think.

The 333 I noticed doesn't quite have the headroom as far as gain is conerned (as in, the rythm channel would be on 8-10 the entire time). The 6260 also seems like it would be strictly Clean/Lead Channel. Anyone got more info on the Bugeras?
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I have a XXX, I have no complaints whatsoever... I think that it's a great amp, and far more versatile than any of the 5150 or 6505 series amps I've played.
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Go for the XXX, it's a steal at that price. If you don't like the cleans, swap out the 6L6s for EL34s, and yes, it does work with them. XXX+El34=3120

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This is a good video comparing the gain of the 6262 and 333XL. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8E9z3_qgJzI&feature=relmfu.

The XXX seems like a great deal, though, if you didn't like it they seem to go for $400 or so on Craigslist so you could always flip it and at least break even.

Good video - really showcases the gain cranked up. Makes the 333 sound pretty decent. But for the price I think I really can't go wrong with the XXX at this point. Gonna offer the guy $300 to call it a day.
The XXX has a lot of gain no matter what so it's great if that's your thing. It really does one sound and does it well. Don't expect to be able to pull of a "good" classic or blues rock sound with it. It is all metal all the time. I speak from having been in two bands where the other guitarist used one. If you don't like the faceplate you can always take it off. It is also pretty silly that the EQ knobs have names like "hair" "body" and "bottom." They really carried the metaphor too far.

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Back at the search - called up two guys today to see if they had their XXX amps, one didnt answer and one sold his a week ago.

So any further opinions on the two? The 333 is looking good - but I'd love to get it used >< which I just can't find. Is $610 a good price for the 5150 or should I see if I can get the price down a bit?
i know this wont really help, but from what you're saying you want in an amp it might be worth trying to find a used peavey jsx, that's what i did and you play pretty much the same music as me
the 333 is pretty much the jsx just a different brand so i'd go with that personally

also $610 is a good deal for the 5150, you could try and get it down a bit more if you wanted to but its still a good price as it is.
Wish amps were that cheap in the UK

try not to get a used bugera, some of them have reliability issues so it's best to get them brand new, i dont know if you heard about that? might be worth looking into!
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